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Sharing this story because if I can help one person then its worth sharing. Today I am beyond thankful for a great week with family and friends and all 2015 has blessed us with.
When I was 24 years old. I had a baby. Got Married, Bought a House & made a 6 Figure Income from my previous career. It was pretty much a win that year in lots of areas in my life.
At the age of 25 I started to resent my job because there wasn’t much freedom. I had a total of 10 days off. I worked 8-6 and saw my child for an hour a day. I was happy in lots of areas of my life, except one area and that was freedom and time.
So at 26 I decided to take on another part-time side job that was about 10hours a week. At this point I now had two kids. It was a fun side business of working on my health & fitness and guiding others on their own. So it was never a job for me.
At 27 I realized my income had started to increase, not nearly what I was making at corporate, but I woke up really excited to work my side business and started to see my real job as a chore and dreaded it. Even thought the income was there….it just didn’t make me happy. So I decided I really was passionate about coaching, and told my husband this is what I wanted to do and I will be able to replace my FULL income but its just going to take me a little time. See I am one of those people who believes that all GREAT things take some time and effort, they are not over night success. If I added up what I earned my first year…it would be in lbs,happiness and paying off my student loans! (Heck ya!)
So at 28 I decided to leave corporate and work 20hours a week on my part time job, take a pay cut. I knew it would take some time (3-4years to get where I wanted to be) but I GAINED freedom, happiness and LOTS of time with my two kids.
So looking at where I am at 30, its pretty amazing so see that 6 Figure Income back with WAY more TIME, FREEDOM & Happiness heart emoticon
I share this because this is real, this is not something that happened in a year….it took me a few years of CONSISTENCY and believing in my team, my work ethic, the building up of something amazing AND I share this to let you ALL know that if you want this…then you can have it too. TIME now will only afford you MORE TIME later….so when the holidays roll around you arent requesting time off, but taking it off because YOU CAN and ARE ABLE TO.
So you have to follow your heart in all your do. Money is just a veichle that will AFFORD YOU MORE CHOICES AND HAPPINESS. That is simply that…IF you are doing what you love. Its pretty safe to say I could be where I was a few years ago and I would still be happy. BUT never the level of happiness I have now for WHERE we are going and WHAT we are going to do in 2016…each year is a little bit better and we are a little bit stronger and I love my team heart emoticon Interested in learning more of WHY not you too….LET talk smile emoticon Message me for details about my next sneak peak on Monday


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