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Back to Basics: P90X CORE

Today was one of those mornings where I really needed to get back to the basics. I know this weekend will be a tempting one so I needed a workout that went hard. That for me is always P90X CORE. Here are secrets I will share with you about working out in the morning. For me, with kids the morning is the only time I have to myself and I am able to workout. I just mentally and physically can not workout at night, I am just not that type of person. I know if I get up early, get it done and then start my work day I feel 100% better. Mostly its mental I know in my head I GOT IT DONE. One thing to know Working out is ALL about PREPARATION!!! Here are some early morning SECRETS to get your butt out of bed!!!


– Put THE DVD in your computer/tv so all you have to do it PUSH PLAY
– Lay out your socks, shoes and workout clothes so you can easily get them on.
– Have water in the fridge
– If you like music, have it ready
– MOST importantly set TWO ALARMS…and place your CELL Phone or ALARM Clock away from the bed so you PHYSICALLY have to get out of bed

– Last RESORT…..wear your sneakers to bed (I am serious!)

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