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What does a Beachbody Health and Fitness Coach Do?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind about becoming a Beachbody coach??? Does it sorta kinda make you excited, give you a feeling inside that you can really do that too but in the same breathe cause you a little panic and fear because you just don’t know what to expect? Are you a motivated person but you are afraid to take that leap? Are you thinking in your head, What if I fail? What if I stink at this? How do I find customers? How do I make a sale? I don’t want to sell to my friends and family? I don’t know anything about social media? I’m not a fitness professional? HECK I AM NOT EVEN AT MY GOAL WEIGHT!!! AND….. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START OR WHAT TO DO OR AHHHHH Anything about it!!


Do the above thoughts ever swing in your mind? I want to stay accountable to my fitness goals, I want to have more time with my family. I would really love to pay off some debt and just enjoy life more. It would be pretty awesome to have all the above, but what if I fail? I don’t know what to do? I am nervous and excited? Its like you are on a seesaw and you swing from excited to
WELLL…. I totally know how you feel! I was there and let me tell you 99.9% of new coaches including myself felt this way! It’s not that you are afraid of failure it’s that you are afraid of change. It’s the unpredictability that gets you ever time! So, I truly want to calm some of your fears, answer your questions and help you to make an educated decision about becoming a coach! I want to do that by giving you all the tools possible, all the fears I started with


On Tuesday March 10th 2015 at 9:00 pm EST I am going to be hosting a call to explain what a Beachbody Coach is and what we do. I am going to walk you through how the company got started, how I run my business, how I host challenge groups and how that helps others to reach their own health and fitness goals.
Also, I am going to talk about how you can earn an income as a coach and it can be either a hobby, a part time or a full time career for you.
What are your options?
Could this be a good fit for you?
What are your biggest fears about coaching— I bet we will answer them!


So feel free to join us, invite some friends, ask questions or just listen! You will learn so much about what our team has to offer you to help you succeed! Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!!!

What is Coaching


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Most common questions answered:


My Story<3

In 2009 at the age of 24 I had my first son John. I was working an amazing career earning an amazing income, bought my first house at 25 and never gave a second thought about a company my family was getting involved with, which was Beachbody. I sort of looked at it as a joke, I definitely was not interested. In 2011 when I was 8 months pregnant with my second son I was told by my company that they were laying me off. I had until the day I gave birth, and that would be my last day. Its a weird feeling being called by so many friends and family to congratulate you and then an HR company, that says thanks but today is also your last day. Bye Bye Security, The career I build up, company car, Insurance.
At the end of my pregnancy I started to think about my career options. Who was going to hire a 8 month pregnant mom of 1. There really wasn’t much to search for or do at that point, but wait. Above all I was just very angry. I actually loved my previous job. While on unemployment with a newborn and infant my husband and I decided I need to go back to work. At the time we were only 26 and 27 years old. I remember thinking about the business of beachbody and still laughed at the idea of that being a career, but I did love the products and the programs. I live in a small town, so option are limited.
I noticed my brother who was a CPA was really getting serious about the coaching opportunity, I started to listen to him and decided since I wasn’t doing much and we needed the extra income I opened up the idea to it. I thought well that is a Pyramid thing, but really the previous job I was at that laid me off at 8 months after being a top performer for 5 years, what was that? I did get amazing experiences, an amazing boss but I didnt get any advantage for being a good employee for top performer for 5 years…I got laid off while pregnant. That was when I realized and researched what the company Beachbodys Business Model really was, which was products being distributed for a better good of helping people. Real top notch from a billion dollar company, that we were given the opportunity to represent. THEY give us the choice. We are the CEOs of or companys. I compare this similar to real estate or insurance…Every person is given the same skills, opportunity, material its how serious we take it, your first year you won’t make much but as you brand yourself and build your team you start to grow. No you don’t have to be perfect to start, but what we do with the opportunity is that matters.
So after losing about 15lbs with the programs and products I decided these really are amazing and the company is even better. I did find a full time job after my second son was 4 months old, but this company was always in the back of my mind and I continued to be apart of it. I saw others I knew and met that were normal everyday people making careers from this.
After two years working part time, I have been able to replace my full time income and stay home with my kids. The best part is I have a team now, who also has decided this is an opportunity they want so now I help them. Its a ripple effect.
Three years ago I was a really scared embarrassed person who was afraid to admit I wanted this, but because I decided one day it has gone into a ripple effect of now helping hundreds of people all across the united states.
There were some struggles of people making fun of me, heck I sometimes made fun of myself! I’ll take the jabs, to me its worth it and yes its different so I expect that. It’s not your typical job But I smile because I believe in what I do and I work really hard at it. There are definitely nights I have stayed up helping others with their business or spend the extra time to really help someone with their goals. I believe in helping others and now my goal is to help other women with freedom. Yes we can be moms and have a strong work ethic too! Yes we can be moms, have our own business and be there for our kids.
I know what it feels like to struggle. I am not always thrilled to admit that, we live in a world that we pretend sometimes we don’t, but I am real. I am honest and at a young age I build a life that I worked really hard for and within 3 minutes someone took that from me and I decided at 27 I want something I can call my own, no one can take from me and I can pass onto my kids. Motivation will get you started but a powerful why keeps you going.
I am not going to say this is easy, but it is damn well worth it.

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