Coach Trainings

The Coach Basics Training will help both new and existing Coaches learn the fundamentals of being a successful Team Beachbody Coach. It includes a Coach Basics Participant Starter Guide, a Leader Guide, and the Daily Coaching Guide. The training consists of two 30-day modules that include daily Facebook posts that provide training lessons and exercises to master the 3 Vital Behaviors of a Team Beachbody Coach. The goals of the training include: in the first 30-days earning enough income to pay for your Shakeology HD and earning Success Club 5, and in the second 30-days rank advance to Emerald.

When you join our team we take you through exclusive training. Exactly how I and other on our team were able to create 6 Figure Incomes by sharing NOT selling. By being products of the products. This is NOT a get quick rich, this is a dedicated serious business and we are looking for serious candidates who fit the criteria for Hard Workings, Team Players and are Dependable.



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1. Earn enough income to cover my Shakeology and Fitness Program

2. Earn an extra $500 a month to cover my bills or pay for an extra trip or vacation for my family

3. Build a buisness that eventually allows me to eventually be a full time coach and earn 50+K a year

4. I am ready to be TOP coach and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there.