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Have you Ever Considered Becoming A Coach? Did you know this is my Income for my family?

Have you EVER considered becoming a Team Beachbody Coach?  I know you might follow my fitness, my team, the vacations we go on, my recipes, our free fitness group, my tips or my journey.  But did you know that I actually get paid for what I do?  Did you know that I don’t have a background in nutrition, that when I got started I was NOT a personal trainer or a certified instructor.  I actually have my Bachelors Degree in Childhood Education and I was the Publisher Representative before I started coaching and while I was coaching.  When I had my second son I was laid off  at 8 months pregnant and was forced to find a new position. I had always loved helping others and health and nutrition, but we were on unemployment and it was not a good time for me to decide to have another 50,000 in college loans.  At the time I also packed on more weight from being in post depression, stressed and laid off. I knew I needed to make a change.  My mom and dad actually got me started with Shakeology and P90X and we started Team Boom FREE Beachbody Challenge group when I was looking to lose weight after my second child was born.  I knew I had to do something and joining a gym was not an option.  So I found P90X, I started my free challenge group and I went all in.  I committed to the entire workout program, the nutrition plan and Shakeology.  In less than 9 months I had lost 25  lbs and completely transformed not only myself but my family and those close to me!  I was literally telling everyone about my new found health and fitness tips because I just loved how I felt after having two babies.

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My coach, who is my mother actually approached me about becoming a coach for years before but I always declined for years.  It wasn’t for me, I had no idea where to start, what to say! Honestly we had no money to sign up, pay for Shakeology, and my husband truthfully felt like this was never in a million years going to be beneficial to our family especially since I was recently laid off from a high paying position. My mom actually believed so much in me she was the one that signed me up and helped me get started.  So I went against my husbands better judgment and decided to coach DURING my journey when I was at my all time highest weight. I was not in the perfect shape, I did not know what to say half the time to others because I was going through it with them and that was what made my coaching successful.  Now just 2 short years later I have gone from a working mom with a passion for health and fitness, to a hobby coach,  to a diamond, to was able to Fully Leave my desk job and now be on  an Elite Team.  We went from me being on unemployment with two babies at home to now being able to takes family vacations, pay for my car, a fully paid for vacation by Team Beachbody because of my hard work and effort towards helping other people reach their health and fitness goals.  Thanks to Beachbody in a week we are going on a cruise to the Caribbean and was invited by my brother who is a TOP 20 Male Coach in the entire organization to the Elite reception, then taking my entire family to Cancun next year on Beachbody.
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We have been able to pay off most my student loans from my college education over the past two years, which originally we said we would have to pay until John went to college.  We are not living paycheck to paycheck anymore.  The best part is this.  I get to determine how many hours I work, when I want to work, whether or not I want to set goals and push to achieve something more.  I have the power to say that I want this to be a full or part time income.  I am my own BOSS and I can say how much time and effort I put into my business each day. I can say when I am done working, how hard I work and the best part is there is always something to strive for with Beachbody, always a next step and new goal. I am now earning more in one week in Beachbody than I did in three weeks at my previous job where I also never saw my children. The best part about this opportunity is I can now pass this on to others. I know was it was like to be at a place of depression physically and financially.
It’s a wonderful thing when a career and a passion come together. I’m not fully there, but I’m on the road and I’m enjoying the journey!The structured 9-5, sit at a desk, work for someone else for the next 40 years of your life career is just NOT for me! Being able to see an income form that has a no cap potential from “working” part-time when and where I want is truly a amazing!Watching my brother leave his full-time CPA Accountant career because his Beachbody business was more enjoyable, personally gratifying, and not to mention his paycheck was exceeding his close to 100k Accountant income was truly inspiring!

We are looking for passionate, every day people who have an interested for helping themselves and others through health and wellness. If that interests you I have 5 spots for my April Coach Apprentice Program and I would love to see if this would be a good fit for you.

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Team Boom Coach Application

Please complete this application to be considered for a spot on the Elite team in Beachbody, Team Boom. By completing this application you are being considered for an exclusive spot on my team and a member of my coach apprenticeship program in April.

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