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How to ENJOY your vacation and Stay on Track

This week the Wallace was on vacation! We left on Friday morning and headed to Maine to hit up the beach with family and friends! Our boys have been so excited to go to the beach that they haven’t stopped talking about it all summer.


The Wallace Family, John and Will playing in the sand

Enjoying the Maine Beach!

Enjoying the Maine Beach!

People ask me all the time how I stay on track while I vacation so I thought now is the best time to share with you how I keep myself focused while away!

My Vacation workout and Nutrition Plan
So I always carry my computer with me! That is usually how I do my workout anyways, pop in the DVD and get it done, so I usually will pack the workout I am doing at that time, in this case I brought 21 Day Fix ( for the abs) and PiYo to stay on track! I also love to walk or run, so during the morning I escaped and went for a run by the bay.

PiYo Stretch with John! My kids watch what I do every second so its nice to be a good role model for them even on vacation

PiYo Stretch with John! My kids watch what I do every second so its nice to be a good role model for them even on vacation


I ordered a box of shakeology packets vs the box because it travels easily. I have my shaker cup and if you need a blender I called ahead and made sure they had one, but for the most part I use water, coffee, ice and a scoop of Vegan Shakeology for the breakfast or snack. Sometimes when you are traveling you come across a great breakfast place, and I hate to restrict myself so if we have a healthy breakfast than I will have my shakeology for a mid snack around 10am to keep my energized till lunch time. Usually on vacation we are on the go go go so its nice to have that extra energy! Plus because it is a single cup and is quiet and super easy to travel with. Yes you can take Shakeology on an airplane and yes you can pack the blender! If you have a bag and want to take it with you just grab one of those baby formula storage containers and it fits 1 scoop very nicely in there!!!

Shakeology for Breakfast on Vacation

Shakeology is the easiest meal ever! IF you don't hav a shaker cup then get one because its so easy to use!

Shakeology is the easiest meal ever! IF you don’t hav a shaker cup then get one because its so easy to use!

My Shakeology in the car, on the go go go!

This trip was a little easier because we were staying at a house but I usually like to ask if a hotel has a kitchen, its much easier when you have kids, but if we don’t then I try and stock on regardless on healthy snacks for the drive that will tempt us from the fast food! Usually this just is a nightmare anyways if my kids eat, with stomaches and car sickness so I come prepared with some treats ahead of time!

A bag of apples

A bunch of bananas

Peanut Butter (small individual packets will do)

Pita Chips

Grapes in a cooler

Lots of water and ice

Hummus and Carrots

Individual all natural lunch meat sandwhiches



Shaker Cup

Everyone usually has their own water bottle

Quest Bars

P90X Bars


Other Tips….

1) When eating foods at the airport or on the go, try and find items with nutrition information available. This makes life much easier when trying to input these items into MyFitnessPal. You can still eat out at restaurants or whatever else is available, but not having the actual nutritional information can make things a little more difficult, as you then have to rely on others or an educated guess to track. Bring your shakelology for day on the go meal that is going to be hands down your most nutritious meal of the day!

2) Get your workouts in! This is a no-brainer. When you travel, find a place to get some workouts in. Bring your DVDS with you! That is why I LOVE Beachbody because its a gym on the go! If you’re on vacation and want to relax, cool, no problem take some time off, but if you’re traveling for any other reason try and get some sort of workout in. Today, almost all hotels have some sort of fitness center, so there really is no excuse. I travel all the time and always find a gym or fitness center to get my workouts in. Sometimes I have to get a little creative, but then again, sometimes those are the best workouts!

3) Finally, the most important of them all, PLAN AHEAD! I am going to assume that most likely you know where you are traveling. If this is the case, you should be able to find out if your room has a refrigerator or microwave. You should be able to find out what restaurants or food options are around the hotel. You should be able to find out if the hotel has a gym or if there are any close by. These are easy things you can find out BEFORE you leave so that there are no excuses when you arrive. Spend 10 minutes planning ahead and you will save a ton of time and almost always stay on track!


YES I HAVE ICECREAM and LOBSTER AND ALL THOSE GOODIES I AM NO FOOL!!! But again I adopt the 21 day fix portion control, I don’t have to eat an entire TUB to enjoy myself, but I will have drinks and amazing food, I try and maintain and have portion control. I also stick to that workout as well.

Most think I am nuts when they see my working out on vacation, but HERE is my philosophy I want to feel my best EVERY DAY And I know when I have some me time in the morning I have more ENERGY, FOCUSED, FEEL GREAT, ENDORPHINS, I just feel like me and way better, so I make NO EXCUSES even on vacation you can find 20minutes to get a good workout in! Usually on vacation I want the days to be longer and I don’t always have the AMAZING weather or opportunity to walk or run by the ocean or to get up early, because usually the kids sleep in! SO NO EXCUSES attitude! Few Tricks!!

Get it done!

The Wallace Family at the Beach!

The Wallace Family at the Beach!


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