Beachbody offers a wide variety of fitness programs for any fitness level and age, including workouts for men and workouts for women. With more than 20 fitness programs, you will be able to choose the ones that fit your personality and workout preferences.

Get in shape with workouts like:  P90X,  Hip Hop Abs,  Brazil Butt Lift,  TurboFire,  Body Beast and Focus T25.

These fitness programs allow everyone to find their favorite way to personal fitness and a better physique. Like to dance? There is a program you will love. Don’t have more than a few minutes a day to workout? There is a program for you as well. Like intense workouts? Yes, there is one for you too.

Beachbody fitness programs are optimized to give you the best results in shortest amount of time possible. Even 10 minutes a day will change how you feel and look, because we have a program for you! No more long hours on a treadmill.

And you can do your workouts in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need a home gym or expensive machines. Just a few square feet that allows you to move freely.

Most programs either don’t require any equipment. Many provide everything you need in the start kit.

So scroll down and go through the list of fitness programs to choose the one that best meets your needs.

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  • You like to be active, want amazing results and like intense workouts but only have 25 minutes a day to do it? Focus T25 is the program that fulfills those exact requirements, giving you a very effective workout in 25 minutes a day.
  • You want music and fun while you workout, but don’t want to workout at the gym? TurboFire will get you lean while having fun; working out listening to amazing music remixes and doing so with proper form.
  • I know you don’t live under a rock and have seen the amazing results P90X brings. I am talking about getting ripped from the comfort of your home. The befores and afters that make you go “wooooow”. That is exactly what P90X is – wow results with a great variety of workouts.
  • P90X just got better. Not only the amazing program you learned to love so much, but also additional exercises and the essential equipment you need to get the maximum results from this program.
  • Have you always loved martial arts but never had the time or support to do it. Time to do what you love. Not only learn some martial arts but also lose weight and get fit with it. Burn fat and get ripped with this intense program.
  • Everyone wants a six-pack and this is the program that will give it to you. Get lean, build a great body and amazing abs. This program will work your abs from different angles and improve your physique through a variety of exercises.
  • If you are not much into lifting weights, doing cardio or spending time on intense workouts, but still want to get fit and healthy, this program will be your new favorite. Everything you need in one – DVDs, equipment, nutrition guide and tracking calendar.
  • Here is something for those who want to build as much muscle as possible with a program that has proven to make you grow. Combination of weight lifting sets with fat burning cardio and a meal plan will take you to your best body ever.
  • Are you tired of listening to same old advice telling you how you have to work out 6 days a week for at least 45 minutes to have a body you want. This program is here to change your life in only 10 minutes a day.
  • You don’t need a fat bank account and a Brazilian cosmetic surgeon to have a Brazilian butt lift. Use this program created by a celebrity trainer to sculpt your perfect butt.
  • Let’s admit it, sometimes working out is just not fun. But if your workouts are actually dance moves and promise tight abs and great body? Now that sounds more fun and that is what makes this program perfect for you.
  • This may not be program for those who don’t like to sweat but this is the program that will change your life. You will completely change your body in 60 days with this high intensity program.
  • You haven’t been a beginner for a while now and want to step your game. This is the program you need. It will challenge you like no program before. If you are playing sports you will enjoy these sport-motivated workouts as well as improve your game.
  • No need to get up at 5 AM and roll in mud at a public boot camp class. Now do it from the comfort of your home. The kit includes resistance band for your resistance training and you will be done in 30 minutes.
  • You know those times when you are sitting at home, bored and all you can think about is how it would be great to have a party? This program is the party you need and not only is it fun, but it will help you lose weight and look great.
  • Don’t mind intense workouts but want to really get the max out of them? Chalene’s TurboJam will help you burn 1.000 calories per hour. That is more than any other workout you could try. Maximum fun with maximum results.
  • Can you imagine combining yoga with dance? If you love these two activities you will really enjoy this program, which shows you first body-sculpting results in just two weeks.