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Finally!! Its here the Commitment and 21 Day Fix

Happy Thursday everyone!! I write this post being snowed in from a recent snow storm! I woke up this morning to do my usually 30min workout, quick, easy no commute…no hassle with the snow!

My husband is a ‘gym’ guy and although in the past (2010) he has completed P90X, The Meal Plan and Shakeology and got insane results (see below) He has yet to fully commit to a program with me.

Chucks before CHucks After

You know those people that are just so hard to get to commit, thats my husband! He knows the program works, he loves shakeology…but what can he say he is a gym guy! So the other cardio workouts are NOT for him. Its just not his style.

I woke him up and said Chuck you should probably do your workout here cause its going to take you and hour (no joke!) to get out of the driveway. So he did, and so I sat next to him and was telling him ALL about my excitement for the 21 Day Fix….who this is for, what the program is, more weights, quick, easy…

Talked about how we are going on vacation on the 20th and we both NEED to get committed. So for the next TWO WEEKS he has committed to the 21 Day Fix with me, “blah blah blah” haha the usually Anny talk he calls it LOL….but I GOT HIM!!!!! He said he would do this with me!!!!

He said he likes the idea of 1. Short Workouts and Short Commitment 2. The Weights 3. He likes Autumn (blah haha)

21 day extreme commitment

So we (my husband and I) start Feb 9th with the Extreme.

AND I have our Challenge Group Starting Feb 16th and ANOTHER Feb 23rd because of such high demand!!!

I only have 4 spots left in each challenge groups! It takes about 6 days for the program to arrive, its a quick program, insane results AND you can do this a couple rounds if you would like with me and my challenge group!!!

Fill out my online form to apply to join my next challenge group.

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