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FREE 7 Day EASY Clean Eating Challenge






Ready to jumpstart your health? We challenge YOU to eat clean for 7 days straight, for every meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even your snacks! We have the tools to help you! As a busy mom of two active boys I know how challenging it can be to even SIT or a second :) But with some tough love and some accountability we can do this together.
clean eating challenge
Eating clean can sometimes be a chore as it is confusing. When you are only used to the endless, processed foods at the supermarket, sometimes you must question, so what is “clean” anyway?
First of all, clean eating is not a diet-it’s a lifestyle. You are either in it to change your ways or you shouldn’t do it at all.


Our NEXT Clean Eating Challenge Group starts on August 10th, 2015.

I have TWO requirements for joining the 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge: The first is participation. No lurking allowed! You must participate in the daily check-ins and assignments. The time required is minimal, but follow-through is mandatory. :) Click HERE to add me as your FREE Coach

NOTE: If you have a coach already and want to switch, you can do so by contacting customer relations at 1 (800) 998-1681 or fill out their online customer service form ( Tell them you want to assign Andrea Wallace as your coach (coach ID 13131).

Once you’ve done this, please let me know by filling out my “Contact Me” form and I’ll add you to list when the challenge begins.
Be sure to sign up for our Daily Dose of Motivation emails to get updates on clean eating and recipes you can use at home. Looking forward to having you with us!


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