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JOINING a Challenge Group is a NEW CONCEPT for many people. It was completely new to me two years ago! 40lbs heavier and two little babies at home in the dead of winter and struggling from losing my full time job I NEEDED to get some support and going to the gym really wasn’t an options with my new born and toddler.

I heard the concept of a Challenge Group and IMMEDIATELY thought omg, what is this going to cost me rather than think “WOW, HOW CAN THIS TRANSFORM MY LIFE?” I get it. I really do. The first thing we think is how is some DVD going to change me? How is some ‘shakeology’ going to keep me full.

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Here was the deal. I was a yo-yoer for most all my life. I finally got to a point where I needed some positivity in my life, a support system AND a lifestyle change. THIS is so much more than just a challenge pack THIS is a WAY to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE—FOR GOOD. Two years later I am STILL in love with the group, motivation and support! I am continually being challenge by NEW Challengers and ideas. As for shakeology it just agreed with me! It kept me full for up ti 2-3 hours for breakfast, reduced my cravings and now its my daily dose of dense nutrition. It is NOT a protein shake. It is a nutrition dense meal replacement.

GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF Y1OUR LIFE USING THE WORLD’S BEST ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE OF AND WORK WITH ME 1:1 in our Exclusive Challenge Groups!! These are REAL people with REAL stories!

Team Boom runs Monthly Challenge groups with a chance to win a $50 gift card for extra motivation.

As soon as you choose your challenge pack, Send me a Facebook Friend Request or message  FB and I will add you to our Exclusive Challenge Group and work with you one on one to get the results and cleaner how change your life with proper nutrition and fitness!

Let’s Connect! Your a Challenge away from the best you!! Send me a request here:

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Is it time for your own transformation?
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By Far the Most Popular Life Style Change Challenge Group is the 21 Day Fix. What is that?

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What is a Challenge Group? How does it work? Here is a simple 1,2,3 step of a Challenge Group we ran last November

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Some Tips to Schedule Your Workouts If you are BUSY

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TEAM BOOM Exclusive T25 Cinco De Mayo Challenge!

Get an hour’s results in 25 minutes a day! Trainer Shaun T gives you everything you need, nothing you don’t. 25 minutes. 5 days a week. 100% results!

My results from 10 Weeks with Focus T25…lost 15 lbs and its life changing!!!! Couldn’t be more proud and to be in an amazing Team Boom Challenge group!!! -Christi


T25 Challenge Pack


You save over $65 with this pack compared to buying each item separately.

Plus, get $20 off your next purchase when you buy a Challenge Pack this November!

Get an hour’s results in 25 minutes a day! Trainer Shaun T gives you everything you need, nothing you don’t. 25 minutes. 5 days a week. 100% results.

Your Challenge Pack also includes:

  • Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology®—the superfood shake that helps give you energy, reduce cravings, and accelerate your fitness results‡—delivered on Home Direct, our monthly autoship program.*
  • A FREE 30-day trial membership in the Team Beachbody® Club, where you’ll find all the support you’ll need to complete your Challenge.**†
  • Plus FREE standard shipping!

Coupon Terms: Purchase a Challenge Pack in November and you’ll receive a $20 coupon towards a future minimum purchase of $30 or more on! Coupons will be emailed to your address on file within 7-10 business days of your Challenge Pack purchase. Hurry, coupons expire on April 1, 2014! Coupons may not be used on certain products – see important conditions and restrictions here.

Your Price: $180.00  (This Month Only) 


Introducing the 21 Day Fix Valentines Day Challenge, fall in love again with YOU!




What is the 21 Day Fix Program? 

21 DAY FIX – Lose up to 15 lbs in 21 days!

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First question I get all the time is What is a TEAM Boom Challenge??

Well, it’s a program that I have created to help you reach your own personal health and fitness goals.  No long will we say to ourselves, “I will start on Monday.”  or “2013 is the last year I resolve to lose weight.”  or “No more muffin top.”  You are not going to make a commitment to YOU and then not follow through with it.  I see it all the time. We help keep you accountable along that way!

Now you make the decision to join with a Challenge Pack. Now what!

So, that’s the first step!  Workout! Then, nutrition!!!  Nutrition is 80% of your weight loss results.  I talk about it all the time because it was always the missing piece for me.  I worked out like crazy and saw NO results so what we focus on is Clean Eating and my job is going to be to teach you how to not diet, but how to create a healthy lifestyle with whole nutritious foods.

The last piece is Shakeology. It’s not a weight loss shake but instead it’s a total meal replacement shake. It’s not a protein shake its a well balanced meal that is equivalent to 6 salads in one glass.  It has been the one thing that keeps me full, tastes really good and has saved my rear a thousand times when either I didn’t make it to the grocery store or I was in a hurry and needed a quick meal.  What was once a run thru the drive thru is now a shaker cup and a scoop of Shakeology!  I feel better, I look better and honestly it’s worth every single penny!  It keeps me healthy and its at least one meal a day that I do not have to think about.  I’m at my weight loss goal now but I still drink it every day because it has everything that my daily multivitamin should have!

Why Shakeology Works!

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Most important you get the most amazing accountability group EVER!!!!! Team Boom rocks the house when it comes to helping others stay accountable all while having fun. You check in each day and we keep you accountable to those goal you stated! We will work 1:1 with each other to make sure YOU are loving all the results! This is the BEST part of the challenge!


Let’s get this Challenge Rocking!!!

Apply here to entire my 21 Day Fix Team Boom Challenge




Last call for the Holiday Survival 30 Day Challenge Group!

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Click Here to Purchase a Challenge Pack

As we approach the excitement of the most festive season of the year, we are faced with the reality that the average American will gain anywhere between 7-15lbs over the holidays. Aside from a number on the scale–this fluctuation results in lack of energy, ill fitting clothes, poor health and overall disgust with ourselves. Yet, we aim to face the beginning of each New Year with a fresh start–and a committed focus on personal health and fitness. But, how long does that commitment ever ACTUALLY last?

Well, instead of repeating the same patterns that don’t work….why not try something NEW–that DOES? On Dec 2nd, we will be launching a Holiday Survival 30 Day Challenge Group, lead my Andrea Wallace Certified P90X Trainer.

We will work together to teach one another how to enjoy the Holiday season by making the best choices we can, without sacrificing any of the fun. We will share tips to keep health in check, and not only avoid any of that post-holiday regret—but open up your New Year’s Resolution for a whole new world of non-weight/health/fitness related possibilities! JOIN US on our journey!



My job as your sponsor coach is to make sure you are not alone when you join our team. That is my soul purpose as a coach. From the day you decide to make the commitment to join our team on the customer side or coaching opportunity I will support you each step of the way.

We love running challenge groups and this is truly our passion. Each Challenge group we run has the opportunity for the contestants to get into the best shape of their lives and have the chance earn a free workout program! We run all our challenges on facebook, so its easy for everyone to follow and use! Each participate purchases a Beachbody fitness program and commits to drinking Shakeology for at least one meal a day. In return I will help you with meal planning, grocery shopping, planning and staying on track. The group is small, personal and it really gives them that extra SUPPORT component they are looking for to go along with their fitness, nutrition and now Positive SUPPORT through Team BOOM!

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How Do I JOIN a Challenge Group?

Joining our Challenge will give you the commitment and motivation you need for success! We require our contestants to commit to a Beachbody program and a month of Shakeology for the best results! A Challenge Pack gives you the fitness program of your choice with a month supply pf Shakeology ( for a fraction of the cost!) The best advice I have is to do some research on the different level of programs, which I can help you with as well! Once you decide on the program, we can talk about your over all goals and set you up with a nutrition plan to stick with. Along with the prize of amazing results and improved health you also have the chance to win a FREE Beachbody workout program. We measure your success by consistency and before/after photos! What are you waiting for? Let’s do this together!

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Have You Completed a Beachbody Fitness Program

What are your fitness and nutrition goals?