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Is your life missing a White Picket Fence?


When I was 23 years old graduating from college I was told by my parents to get a JOB because your insurance ends in a two months and you will have to start paying your student loans.

I was SCARED. Every single day before graduating I was consistent with find a job! I talked to every family member, connection I could. Shortly after Graduating I landed a Publishers Representative Job in Chicago, IL and packed my bags, alone. My husband who graduated from Cornell and I dated through out college was living in Boston. During College we went our separate ways for a bit, but when I graduated we started to get more serious…and then I decided being the independent ME, I was packing my bags to Chicago because I needed a JOB, so come visit me!

In Chicago, is where we fell in LOVE for the second time! He came to visit me every single weekend, we flew back and forth. It was literally the most exciting time of my life. I will never forget being on the Chicago Pier, we were in this Photo Booth and by the 4th picture my heart was SOLD. While in Chicago I had a great career and was able to relocate to Boston where the head quarters was.

We both agree that our HEARTS are forever in CHICAGO!!!!! As soon as I moved to Boston we celebrated the new YEAR! So excited for our next chapter together in Boston….what happened next was well lets just say a BIG amazing shock! Waking up in the new year, I grabbed a pregnancy test, Chuck grabbed a lottery ticket……and although we did not WIN the lottery…we DID HIT the Jack Pot, with out amazing son JOHN! Now…. both very young we were clearly scared out of our mind! The year of 2009, I will literally never ever forget! In 2009 I became a MOM, a WIFE, was TOP SALES REP in my career as a Curriculum Specialist hitting over 100K, bought a house and literally all I was missing was a dog and a white picket FENCE, so I thought. NOW even though life was NOT exactly planned….LIFE seemed to be working out for this scared little 23 years old. Life was BUSY, but life snuck up on me and focusing on everything but ME….

Working like an ANIMAL on the road and then home late nights on the computer, eating life crap I lost sight of myself and my health. ALL looked good on the OUTSIDE, I was happy in all aspects of my life except when I put on some jeans or looked in the mirror I was feeling like crap, eating like crap, my job was stressful and it really started to add up. I will never FORGET, just like the time when i was in the PHOTO BOOTH and it clicked…… I was driving back from a long day on the road, went TWO hours on the thruway the WRONG WAY, I got pulled over for barely speeding, (okay I was) and I LITERALLY SOBBED my BRAINS out on the side of the highway. He must of thought I was nuts…but it was my BREAKING point, my AH HA moment, when I realized I never had a moment for me…

Thats when I decided, I COMMITTED, I KNEW I needed to do something for myself. That night I pulled out P90X and I told my husband, YOU are doing this with me, FOR ME. Like a GOOD husband, after hearing about my day, which should have taken my 2hrs to get home and then turned into 4 hours with a pricey speeding ticket, he didn’t speak, just nodded. FROM there, that was it, we woke up at 6am together and did the program. Total this year I have lost 23lbs…and I FOUND my passion of HELPING others but helping myself first. I knew deep in my heart, I CAN do this, I CAN make this work and I WANT more than anything to make this my J-O-B helping others realize they can do these programs because if I can, then anyone can!! I don’t want to be on the Road working for a company that laid me off while I was 8 months pregnant for good performance, to hire me back. I had no other choice though. I want to be my own boss and happy. I took everything I knew from my previous Career and APPLIED it to coaching. I told myself, I will give up my reality TV at night for 1hr a day and focus on my DREAM to make this is REALITY. At first over 3 years I was able to pay of 20,000K in student loans!! Slowly I realized this part time passion actually can be real!

For a YEAR I invited others to join me, shared my results and followed through for my team as they have always followed through for me. WE, I say WE because coaching is not about YOU, its about your TEAM.

I really want to some how find that cop and tell him THANK you for pulling me OVER, I LITERALLY was going in the WRONG Direction for two hours, and IRONICALLY that lead me in the RIGHT direction. I realized my life really was SPEEDING before my eyes and I had the opportunity to take it by the wheel, get control of what I wanted out of LIFE and redirect my future and dreams. SO thanks to photo booth, that un-won lottery ticket, those annoying pants that didnt fit, that high way ramp, that cop, that pricey speeding ticket, that crying breakdown, my silent husband, p90x, my team and all the things that helped direct me!

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