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The Little Things in Life Live in our Hearts Forever

Its officially been two weeks since the passing of my Grandma Kay. A women who was extremely close to me growing up and was always there for my me and my children. This is the first person in my life who I have lost that has been close to me, so this sort of emotion I have never felt before. I am extremely sad, but also comforted to know she is not suffering anymore. She was the type of person that you really didnt have to ask her to do something for you, you could just see it in her eyes that we wanted to and would do anything for you. She lived about half a mile from me and was always popping in to see my two boys. She said she couldnt go a week without seeing them and she meant it. Having been a nurse she just had that instinct of wanting to help people. I LOVED that aspect about her. About 4 weeks ago I was in need of a dress for a wedding, and me being the last second with shopping bought a dress and it was way to long. Then all the sudden there she was popping in. She took it home, shortened it and bought it back.

Last time she stopped in I was doing Les Mills Pump and she told me she was so proud of me, sweat and all haha. She was really excited for me to take the next step with my passion of coaching. I have always worked more than 50 hours a week with two small children, traveling, stressed at a high sales position. She was always there to help out if I needed her with the kids. Finally this past June, I was able to replace my job with my passion of coaching and I was able to experience her pop ins a little more frequently before her passing. When she passed she told me, we only have one life to live and go after your dreams, always look at the bright side of things.

These little things in life are the memories that are priceless and will always live in my heart forever. Although she has passed and she is gone from our physical site, in my heart she will always live! The little things in life are those that are the most meaningful. The little hugs, I love yous, Friendships, holidays, smiles. We have to remember that life is to short to not go after what we really want. Its not about being perfect or having the perfect figure or life, its about wanting to create that change in your life because you feel you want that for yourself. Going after my dreams for you Grandma Kay <3 GrandmaKay


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