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Results Don’t Lie

So today I asked several people who are using Shakeology to share their results and transformation stories! I was honestly blown away with the results and responses. Here are just a few….

“I haven’t been to the doctor in 3 years thanks to Shakeology! It has changed my life for the better!”

“Shakeology has given me more energy and has helped curve my cravings. It is also my healthiest meal of the day”

“Shakeology gives me Morning energy, dropped my chloresterol, reduced cravings and helps me maintain my weight and itquick and delcicious early in the morning. Oh yea, its by far my healthiest meal of the day also and I love the variety; everyday its a different recipe.”

“Shakeology has helped me lose 40lbs, maintain the weight loss for over 3 years, dropped my cholesterol 60 points and eliminated a medication. Its my daily dose of dense nutrition that tastes delicious!”

“Shakeology has given me so many blessings. Between weight loss, becoming regular, fighting cravings, controlling my hunger and making me feel overall INCREDIBLE, it is a miracle food in my books!”


Sarah Korbecki My transformation story began when one day I had alight bulb come on and said ” I have to do something” I noticed every picture I had I was the one taking, I wasn’t in any of my kids. Pictures were just of my face because I didn’t want anyone to see my body. I was ashamed. I am a stay at home mom and had pretty much chalked up my life to being my husbands fat stay at home wife. It was just crazy. I was insecure and all aspects of my life were suffering, some without even knowing it. So it was right before the new year and I just went and joined a gym. I had never joined a gym before but I knew ” Go in running and never look back” So I did! I signed up for everything the gym had to offer even the personal training department once a week. I just went and kept going 6 days a week. I started seeing results.My whole life changed. I am now 38 lbs down and have went from a sz 20 to a sz 12 pant, half a shoe size ,xxl shirt to a medium and same is dress size. I started at around 215-220 and am now 180! I am now the clean cooking healthy eating fun energetic mom running around the playground chasing her kids! Not sitting on the sidelines…and Laundry doesn’t seem like that big of a task running up and down those stairs! Joining Team Beachbody has given me the extra thing I was missing to continue my journey strong!


Rich Davi My transformation started 3 years ago while working as a volunteer firefighter. We carry a lot of gear, to the tune of about 70lbs, when all dressed up to respond. I was finding it harder to do the things I used to be able to do. I started doing Insanity and P90X with coworkers and really enjoyed the intensity, and after awhile started to see changes in my stamina as well as my body. When the guy that ran the group got transferred, I took over and found I really like helping the people in the group get over their plateaus. My coach, Patrick Riehlman, got me to join Team Boom and eventually asked me to be a coach. The first time he asked, I had too much going on in my life. Nine months later he approached me again, because apparently I was acting like a coach and didn’t know it. So I took the plunge, became a coach, started using Shakeology, and have really stepped up my game, and that of several others who I am coaching. I’m am now about to reach a goal weight of 200 lbs, something I never thought I would see again. This group has really changed my life and I’m taking that lesson and paying it forward by helping some of my friends, family, and fellow Team Boom members to reach THEIR fitness potential.


Samantha Mullins I started my transformation in January 2012 on New Years like most who make a goal.Started by me making a statement to my husband saying i was going to stop drinking pop and he said “you have said it before and quit”.So i told him i was going to prove him wrong and i did just that.I went 6 months without pop it wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be.I started doing Zumba but wasn’t seeing results as fast as i thought i would.Mind you i was still eating like before but without the snack cakes,mac & cheese,& potatoes.I had lost 15 lbs by June and i was happy but wanted to see more dramatic results.So after we moved i was looking on youtube for transformation stories and i came across Jillian Michaels and i just had to do her 30 day shred so i did in July and i fell in love with working out.I loved how i felt and stepping on the scale and see weight loss.I bought Hip Hop Abs back in like 2008 and i never finished it and i did that and i lost 16 lbs with it and that got me hooked on beachbody programs and that’s what i love doing now cause i know they work!I got asked all the time if i was a coach but i wasn’t & i thought about it all the time but it just was never something i completely understood until i met my coach Chelsea Ralston.She brought to my attention that i was already doing everything a coach does,i have my own fitness page and love sharing my experience with others and helping them with their own weight loss goals.I started at 229 lbs and this morning i am 152.4 lbs.I tried on a pair of size 9 jeans i bought over the weekend thinking i can fit in them once i get to like 145 and they already fit!I never thought i would be this weight ever!I thought i was just going to always be over weight for the rest of my life.Since losing weight i feel much better about myself,dressing up,going out with my family,and getting to do things i didn’t want to when i was overweight.I finally took the leap and became a coach.Since becoming a coach i feel like i can help more people if they are willing to eat healthy and workout to lose weight.

Diana Taylor Derrough My transformation started in April 2012, about 10 months after the birth of my 5th child. I was the heaviest I had ever been, and at only 5’2, the extra 50 lbs or so on my frame was becoming too much. I would wake up and my feet and ankles would hurt from carrying the extra weight. I had been really thin my whole life, up until about 12 years ago, so it was really starting to take a toll on my self esteem. I started gaining weight in my early 20’s due to living the “party girl” lifestyle. But now after multiple pregnancies which included bedrest due to complications, I was in the worst shape of my life. I planned on losing weight when I was done weaning my last child, but the turning point came for me when I started avoiding social situations because I was too embarrassed with how I looked. It also started affecting my marriage. I was a lazy parent, and didn’t want my kids to grow up with that kind of mom. So, my brother in law let me borrow P90X. My first workout was tough. I could barely do anything! My husband was working out with me and actually thought I was faking it because I was struggling so badly. But I continued to push play every single day. He gave up, but I stayed motivated. In my first round of P90X, I had lost 18 lbs, and gained so much confidence. Finally, in 12 years I was losing instead of gaining! With five children, working out at home helped me stay consistent. I fell in love with Beachbody programs and after P90X I did a round of TurboFire followed by Body Beast and lost another 10 lbs. I have also gained about 10 lbs of muscle, and went down 4 pants sizes. I started at a tight 14, and am now a comfortable 8. I still have about 20 lbs more to go to hit my goal, but I have never felt better in my entire life. I also started drinking Shakeology a few weeks ago and that is helped me have so much more energy. I feel better now at 33 years old, than I have ever felt in my entire life, and now I am so passionate about helping others be healthy and feel better about themselves.


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