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Make it Happen.

Today I wanted to share a story I was extremely hesitant to share with others, but if I can reach just one person with my story then its worth the share.


Often times we are so fixated in this society to be extremely skinny. When I was in middle school, I was told “I was too fat” by someone. I honestly believe high school is a time in someones life that is very difficult. I did have a year where I suffered from with an eating disorder. Often times society does not talk about these issues. I was very fortunate to not have to get medical help, I realized on my own once I started sports that I really needed the energy that food provided in order for me to be an athlete. From there gong into college I had really poor eating skills and it lead to times where I was at my heaviest. I sort of thought this was just what and how my body was suppose to feel. Always tired. That is SO NOT the case. If you feel you are at a point where “this is it,” that is not true! Over all the important thing I want to share with everyone is we should be focusing more on getting healthy and that is most IMPORTANT!!

There is NO ideal weight, height or perfect figure. Society has it ALL backwards about being “thin”…it warms my heart to see tags on Instgram “strong is the new skinny,”!!! Healthy is what matter most. I hope this helps other girls, because I know what its like to be in their shoes! Often times people tell me, oh I cant be a coach…well I am here to tell you….I became most active in the coaching at a point where I needed the most help and support and was actually at my heaviest. I DO NOT have 6 pack abs, the perfect figure, height, if I feel like a burger I will eat it, if I want a beer I grab a lager, not ALL the time, but what I have learned is we CAN EAT MORE, it just has to be the RIGHT FOODS and we CAN have those yummy treats, it just has to be in moderation……as coaches we are not professionals we are just trying to live a better healthier life little by little.

Why I pay it forward is because Beachbody and our challenge groups have given me the confidence, support, nutrition and the tools to FINALLY realize heavy, fat, tall, wide, no energy, lack of self confidence, too skinny… ANY obstacle you can over come and accomplish any goal physically, emotionally and financially. I WANT others to have that feeling of choice and accomplishment when you reach a certain goal. Feel what is means to LIVE. I now realize more than ever if you want something its hard, tough, little small insignificant tasks that are not sexy, not fun but what you have to do to reach a bigger goal. Someone told me once, “STOP making excuses WHY you cant do something,” Probably the best advice anyone has ever given me! If I waited for my eating disorder to go away, I probably would have died. If I continued on a life of bad eating, feeling sorry for myself, bad choices, I probably wouldnt realize what it means to be truly happy. Stop waiting for it to happen, go out and make it happen!!

Why cant you run walk a mile? (start with walking around the block for a week)
Why cant you make better eating habits? (cut out 125 calories a day for a month)
Why can you pay off your student loans? (put aside $25 dollars a month and dont get an extra coffee this week)

Write down one small insignificant change you can make TODAY that will help you reach those goals!
Write down an excuse you will not use.

Make it happen, because it CAN.

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