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Success Club Trip Beachbody 2014

Finally back from the Success Club Trip. The fully earned FREE trip to Cozumel and Grand Cayman!! They also gave me a $500 on board credit. The best part however was being with 23 of our Team Boom Coaches was amazing to say the least. The trip was a wonderful experience to bond with our team, meet the CEO of the company, Shaun T from Insanity and T25. I am sure you are all wondering what exactly goes on during a trip with 3,500 coaches. To say the least it was the time of my life! Knowing I fully earned it for working hard to help others was the most amazing part. The cool thing was everyone on the ship has the same goals of  helping others.

I did stay sort of consistent with my nutrition goals, but really did enjoy myself too. It was very helpful they had workouts each morning and healthy choices. I did allow myself to have dessert and went out with my team to celebrate our success. The first night my sponsor coach, who is my mother Beth Riehlman went to Ft Lauderdale to relax before the cruise with some fellow coaches on Monday.

My Sponsor Coach, my mom!

My Sponsor Coach, my mom!

The first day on the cruise was really exciting. When we arrived we met up with out team and just caught up! We then went to our Balcony Suit which was just a few doors down from Tony Horton and the CEO! I walked by Tonys room and he was eating some toast and yelled whats up!? haha I started laughing. The growth of Beachbody has grown exponentially over the year 4 years after talking with corporate they are very excited in the direction Beachbody is going!


The first night my brother Patrick Riehlman, who was a 2013 ELITE coach this past year, invited me to an ELITE party where we met and hung out with Shaun T, Autumn Calabrese and Tony Horton. It was a great night to spend with my brother. He was the one who actually introduced my family to Beachbody 5 years ago. I never really wanted much to do with it, until about 18months ago after getting laid off, two babies at home and realizing how the accountability and support  really helped me stay a better mom, wife, lose my baby weight, stay healthy and help others to do the same. Because of his belief and determination I knew our team and myself could go far with this opportunity just like any of you!!

CEO of Beachbody

CEO of Beachbody, my Brother 7 Star Elite Patrick Riehlman

Shawna, Me, Alyssa and Michelle

Shawna, Me, Alyssa and Michelle


To the side are some of my fellow Diamond Coaches on my Team, without them I would not be where I am today. They are AMAZING! My Success Partner is Alyssa Sardelli, she joined our team last year and is now a Diamond. She has been a huge part of Team Booms growth this past year. She is amazing and pushes me and motivates me each day. Her leadership is top notch and I know she will be Elite no doubt in my mind! Michele Phillips, Reached Diamond this year! Her character and willingness to help others through this opportunity is so genuine. We met through Danielle Zambito a fellow coach who is amazing mom who is passionate about the Beachbody Opportunity.  Also on my team is Shawna, she just reached Diamond last week! She and I became so close on this trip and I am excited to see her grow with this opportunity!  My sister Amy Riehlman is also a Diamond Coach. Not all our team was able to attend but I know there will be more to come!





The first night was the first time our Team had the chance to hang out  get to know each other more and just have a great time!!!!!!!!!


Team Boom

Team Boom

Tuesday morning was our first full day on the boat and chance to get our first workout in with Shaun T! The entire top level of the cruise ship was filled with everyone  ready to push hard to T25! The workout was pretty amazing and I was sweating like a maniac! It was awesome to workout with my team mates and by the end of the workout I was DONE! Then we decided to head over to Autumns 21 Day Fix workout!! She is the newest addition to the Beachbody Trainer team!  She is also the creator of the 21 day fix!!! This program has been a huge success for myself and a ton of my customers. The main focus is portion control, which we all struggle with and I highly suggest doing this program!! We have a challenge group starting now and this is seriously worth the try, it works and delivers results fast and in away that will last in your life forever!

Pat, Amy and Chris working out wit T25

Pat, Amy and Chris working out wit T25


It was really awesome to meet Shaun T the night before the workout! He was so down to earth and fun! That is his husband in the background photo bombing us lol. He has helped me so much with his workouts the past four years. I started out with Insanity and then went on to T25. His programs are amazing and deliver serious results!! It was awesome to be able to tell him that in person.



Tuesday was our first full day on the cruise and we got a chance to check out the flow rider (pics coming soon and videos!!!!!) It was so much fun to see our team mates check it out. We relaxed by the pool and had some drinks before the Formal Night!


Wednesday morning was P90X Yoga with Tony Horton. This is the one workout I did not attend but most of my fellow coaches did! Check out Alyssa Sardelli getting her yoga on!!


Wednesday we docked in Cozumel and did a Team Boom Excursion! It was so much fun! We snorkeled, got massages, did a rope course and just relaxed and had some fun at Senior Frogs before boarding the cruise!!!




Senior Frogs
Thursday we docked in Grand Cayman. What a beautiful Island!! We all went to 7 Mile Beach. We decided to have a relaxing day on the beach and rent rafts. We then found a fun restaurant and had fun with the team before we headed back for the White Party Night!

The White Party was Thursday night. We headed to dinner and then had drinks with Team Boom together!


Team Boom

If you are looking for an opportunity to work from home, help others and earn extra income working part time while getting fit and healthy in a very positive environment then this opportunity might be for you! Please fill out the Team Boom Coaching Opportunity and I will help provide you with more information.

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1. Earn enough income to cover my Shakeology and Fitness Program

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3. Build a buisness that eventually allows me to eventually be a full time coach and earn 50+K a year

4. I am ready to be TOP coach and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there.



Had an Absolute Blast on the Free Beachbody Cruise! Met so many people that are just like us all that have the same goals to get healthy and help others. It was amazing connecting with my team and realizing that all the top coaches are just exactly like me and you. They all believe it takes time, focus and consistency! It doesn’t stop here and either will I. Excited for Super Saturday in April, Summit in Vegas in June and Cancun in 2015! Excited to keep sharing this opportunity with others and Having more people join our team and earn to go to cancun too! Feel free to reach out to me and learn about the experience!
18 months ago I decided to really go all in with this coaching opportunity after being laid off. I had no clue what I was doing or getting into! Lol. What if I listened to my own doubts and gave up on coaching and my own fitness goals? What if I said $4 bucks a day is to much for shakeology and to my own business? I think of the relationships I have made now all because of this opportunity. When my coaches tell me because of this opportunity I was able to pay off a loan or do something I would have never been able to do, that is why I have to share this.This is not just a free trip it’s a chance to network with people just like you! That means this is not out of you reach to attend, not at all!The next trip to Cancun is in —>12 Months! You could be there too and we want you there!.First we are NOT fitness professionals, we all have struggles and we help ourselves and others just stay accountable to our own personal fitness goals all while having fun doing that with others! In just a short 18 months time our team has grown very fast, we have met the most amazing people all over the country, fully paid excursions with our coaches and their families!! I was able to leave my full time income to now be a Full Time mom and work part time as a coach sharing with others this amazing opportunity!! What if I gave up?If you are on the fence about becoming a coach or being in our Team Boom coach apprentice program or just chat and learn what it is we do on a daily basis then take the leap, we will personally help YOU each step of the way.Our next Elite Team Boom Coach Apprentice Program is April 7th and we want you on our team! We want you in Cancun with us! Our team is very special to me! They are literally Family, my mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, aunts and now others that we have met are all family! Being a coach is about building relationships with people and realizing what there goals are. I am here to help you along the way and realize that literally anyone can make this happen! Our trainings are great. We have e genuine team that respects each other and wants everyone to succeed in all aspects of their life.
I feel blessed every day when I am able to call with my JOB, and I have to pass that on to others so if you like fitness, like helping others and feel you can make a difference in others lives then lets talk! Fill out the application to apply for my next coach basics training!!  Cant wait to help you succeed!

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