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Hammer and Chisel Exclusive Test Group


I am so excited to start the Exclusive Test Group for Hammer and Chisel  Test Group and am looking for 5 exclusive people to do it with me. Spaces will be limited and we will be doing this program together. Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout with Shakeology Challenge Pack The Master’s … [Read more...]

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Finally!! Its here the Commitment and 21 Day Fix

21 day extreme commitment

Happy Thursday everyone!! I write this post being snowed in from a recent snow storm! I woke up this morning to do my usually 30min workout, quick, easy no hassle with the snow! My husband is a 'gym' guy and although in the past (2010) he has completed P90X, The Meal Plan and … [Read more...]

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Why you can’t give up before you get started!

TeamBoom Call

Alright, I am going to get a little personal with you here! To me, this business is all about being transparent and showing you that everything I can do, YOU can do (this business is duplicatable!). I am a full time mom of two boys who started this business working more than 50 hours a week. My life … [Read more...]

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5 Foods You Should Eat Everyday

Andrea Opportunity

Eating healthy is an important part of life. Many of us strive to eat as healthy as possible every day, but are you really consuming the best nutrients for your body? There are countless “superfoods” on the market. These foods boast so many health benefits that they’re referred to as superfoods … [Read more...]

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What you NEED to know to lose the last of your baby weight!

Moms on a Mission Challenge

Recently I have been getting a lot of emails and messages about losing the last of your baby weight. It was a struggle I dealt with for over a year. When I was 8 months pregnant with my second son Will, I was laid off. I gained an additional 25 lbs the last two months pushing me over the 50lb rank. … [Read more...]