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Transformations do not happen over night

So one of the most frustrating aspects of the entire weight loss and nutrition process is TIME. Less face it we all want results, and we want them yesterday! Each day for a year I woke up with the frustration in my throat knowing tomorrow really wouldn’t be the day I finally got the results I was looking for. I knew I had the tools in front of me (P90X and Shakeology) but honestly there was something HUGE missing to the equation.

One day I posted on my wall, thinking NO one on the earth was listening that I was going to seriously start the Ultimate Reset and once and for all get results I was looking for. All I needed was just one person to join me, for some COMMITMENT. I got lots of messages with all the reason why they wanted to, but all the excused why they couldn’t. Which I myself also had as well. I finally got a message from Caroline, who said lets do this. She is now one of my coaches, but at the time little did she know I probably needed her more than she needed me! The last part of what I truly and honestly needed was SUPPORT.

Through Team Boom I finally found the MOTIVATION, POSITIVE, SUPPORT I had been missing. From there the rest is history! I went on to finally commit to the Ultimate Reset and lose my baby weight I struggled with. I lost a total of 13 lbs, regained energy and most importantly learned how to properly eat clean! I broke into the 120’s. I drank Shakeology on a daily basis and 100% saw an improvement with my IBS and nutrition. I focused on 30minutes (4x) a week with either P90X modifications or cardio.

I am asking you to think about what out of this chain are you missing?
What are your SHORT term goals?
How can I help you reach what you are missing and your goals?


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