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Turn your Passion into a part time Business

Whether your passion is helping people lose weight and get fit, making a little extra money at home, or being your own boss, I’ve found that my choice to become a Team Beachbody Coach offers unlimited opportunities and ultimate flexibility for that coveted work-life-balance.
My name is Andrea Wallace, from Skaneateles, New York, and it took me a long time to find a deep passion for physical fitness and healthy eating. I prefer to call it a love/hate relationship where it all comes down to BALANCE!

Coming from a family history of high cholesterol and depression. In my younger years having high cholesterol and IBS issues I am determined to break the chain and pass down the best genes I can to my children. Fitness for me is something I do not enjoy starting, but something I my body needs! The choice for my health is in my hands, and I’m just thankful to have stumbled upon Beachbody Coaching opportunity a few years ago because it is exactly the kind of career that matched turned into my passion.

Through out college I experienced a wave of eating horrible food that lead to difficult stomach issues and IBS. After graduating college and jumping head first into the corporate word of traveling to work over an hour a day back and forth I soon realized exercise…well we were not friends. At the age of 23, I found out I was pregnant. I struggled at that time with working Long hours and travel took a toll on my body. Having the chance to move back to my home town to raise my son, I was determined to focus on my own health health. It was about that time I was introduced to the Beachbody programs and Shakeology. I soon started to see improvement in my digestion a few days after using shakeology. After coming off my IBS medicine, I never looked back. I have now been a coach for 3 years.

There is really nothing like helping another person reach their fitness and weight loss goals, whatever they may be. There is nothing like having someone reach an emotional goal and knowing you helped them along that way. Getting paid to do that is just incredible to me. Having the chance to replace my full time income income with my passion for helping others has always been my dream. Now I design my own life, and do what I love as much as possible. Can you imagine yourself doing something like this for a living? What a dream job, yes?

Here’s a short list of points that may help you decide if you’d be a good Beachbody Coach:


You snap pictures of your food and post it on Facebook or Instagram to share with the world. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
People push themselves harder when you’re around, because you motivate others naturally. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
Missing a workout is like being stood up for a date. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
You love to learn about fitness and nutrition, and consider yourself teachable. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
You are determined to get in and stay in the best shape of your life. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
Eating clean is a lifestyle for you. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
You love helping others, it gives you a sense of really mattering to the world. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
Hanging out at the gym is FUN for you, so much so that people think you’re weird. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
You enjoy being around people, and choose a positive-mindset. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
When you order food you ask your waiter for the dressing on the side and if they use hormones in their chicken. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
You are a natural born leader or teacher. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
You use a Beachbody workout program currently, or have used one in the past. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
Helping people reach their goals and live a healthy, fulfilling life as a career is so attractive to you. You’d be a great Beachbody Coach!
Did you think ”yes” to three or more of these points? You already possess a natural coaching ability, and you should be a Beachbody Coach, because you have the foundation already in place to become a great one.
Considering it? GREAT! I know we need good leaders right now. Go to “The Coaching Opportunity” to research what it would mean to join our team as a Beachbody Coach. The benefits you will receive are many, and the impact you’ll have on those who you coach have the ability to last their entire lives.
It’s true: every single day, hundreds of people choose to use Beachbody fitness programs like Insanity, FOCUS T25, and P90X to reach their fitness goals. Having a great Beachbody Coach is the most valuable piece to their puzzle. It has been proven that people are 3 times more likely to lose weight and keep it off with the help of a mentor (YOU!) and Coaching is simple.
In my next post I’ll share exactly what kind of support Beachbody Coaches have as a part of the team. For now, thank you for visiting and I hope this blog was helpful to you as you consider making your own passion for healthy living into a thriving business!
FITNESS-PEOPLE NEEDED! Join ANNYS team today and link arms with thousands of fit people who have stepped up to help others reach fitness success!

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