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You Can Change for the Better


I  have thought MANY times about deleting this photo of me a year ago, and then I thought nah…this photo is me as a PROUD mama post 5 months pregnant! I rocked it for a year, and then thought ugh….now I feel gross and not me! So now this photo is bitter sweet and my determination to remind myself where I was a year ago and WHAT can be done if you put in some serious sweat, hard work and compassion knowing it DOES NOT take just 3 weeks! There are so MANY times I thought to myself forget it, NOTHING is happening. My biggest difference? Listening to the BELIEVERS who told me keep going it WILL happen and forgetting all the negative comments and people telling me I was weird, yes weird for wanting get fit and help others get healthy!

If I had listened to those comments then I would not be where I am now a YEAR later! I say this not to say look at me now, but to show others it can be done! When I started this weight loss journey all I wanted was to cover my Shakeology, so I could justify the $3.50 meal each day lol, if you told me I was able to REPLACE my income of working 40hours a week from being a team Beachbody coach, being able to work for myself doing what I love with the most AMAZING, FUNNY, Inspiring team and bonus be able to fit into my post baby jeans and have a better body after two kids? I would have slapped you silly!!! always stay true to your own passion, never let someone bring your down for something you want and love to do. It takes time, patience and hard work! Don’t give up on yourself and I will NEVER give up on you…! What’s your goal? Right it down! Go after it, because you can and WILL attain it just takes TIME!

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